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I Approach Men, Yes You Read That Right

I feel like the creeps always approach me. The old creepy men who could be my father or worse grandfather. The men I would be attracted to don’t usually come up and say hi. So I have taken it upon myself to approach the guys I am attracted to.

Yes girls do this, maybe not all of ’em, but I do. It beats the usual let me stand around, smile at you, and hope you come up to me.


Both of my exes involved me approaching them.

First Frat Star douchebag I went up to him and had a mutual friend introduce us. Gave him my phone number the rest is history.

Meat head douchebag I went up to at a bar he was working at with a napkin. The napkin said  “Is your dad a boxer because you’re a knockout.” with my phone number. Took 24 hours to text me,  but hey the rest is history.

The other weekend I saw some cute jock looking kid who kept looking at me with a smile. After realizing he wasn’t going to come up to me I walked up saying “So what’s your deal. Do you have a girlfriend?” His answer was no, and we went on a date, but ah was too immature for me.

So this past weekend I went to this popular club in town. It had an interesting crowd- very extreme. Either really good looking or really creepy.

So I’m on the second floor which is a wrap around balcony overlooking the first floor. My girlfriend and I are people watching avoiding men touching and cat calling. I spot this super cute tall pretty boy. He had an athletic build, black v neck, gorgeous smile.

I gave a flirtatious wave. He waved back, and we  gave some googly eyes.

After some time passes by I muster up the courage to go downstairs, ask for his phone, type my number in, and walk away. I wanted to be sexy, mysterious, and we couldn’t talk anyway with the booming music.

I step off the the last stair, find him in the crowd, and stop dead in my tracks. He’s swapping spit with some girl! I’m like what?

This is my luck, but I’ll take this type of rejection over having to reject some wanna-be sugar daddy not taking no thank you for his drink or presence breathing down my neck.

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Have you had an experience like this? Tell me about it below!