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9 Out of 10 Chance He is a F@&%boy

First Encounter

Us women  are always looking for love, and even when we find ourselves in casual relationships we usually wind up attached. So I’ve determined that when I meet a guy there a 9 out of 10 chance he is a fuckboy. Yes  fuckboy.

So you “met” him on tinder, then the bar, and we will say things went well.

You both enjoy hiking, dogs, and have mommy issues. He comes from similar family structure- close with his father and siblings. He tells you he rarely goes out because he’d rather stay home. *BROWNIE POINTS*

You’re intrigued because you feel like you’re talking to the hot male counterpart to yourself. You think WOW I finally found a good guy in a sea of fuckboys. Well, hold your drink Miss Optimistic.


He calls going to a bar where he bought you a drink or two a “date”.  You end the night, or the next morning if you’re into that, by him planning your second date.

He says he is not one of “those guys” who’s gonna fall off, and he is going to text you, take you on food adventures, the whole 9-yards.

You think  to yourself wow he’s giving me these expectations, I didn’t ask for them.

The Dropoff

Days go bye.

Girlfriend if a man wants to talk to you he will  make an effort.

A fuckboy will say he’s too busy, or bad at using his phone or got caught up.

He tells you it’s because he’s shy.

No. No. No.

You’ll sit there and believe him, making up every excuse for him. You retrace every moment thinking what went wrong? What changed his mind? What made him a liar?

I am a firm believer that these men make us women crazy because they fuel our minds with expectations and what we want to hear only to let us down.

Us women will never know that one detail that sat in his head after to change his mind or what made him think he needed to fill our heads with expectations for us to only be let down.

Men are simple. They have no gray area. If they want you they will make an effort. Be aware of the red flags because again there is a 9 out of 10 chance he is a fuckboy.