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I Don’t Accept Gifts

Oh presents, gifts, monetary ways of showing affection.

So who wouldn’t accept gifts? Let me clarify, I do not accept gifts from men, particularly men I am dating.

I’ve been offered designer bags, diamonds, new cars, puppies, and hell even my brother Kevin has been offered gifts like the new Playstation right before it sold out. Now Kevin is easily bought, but I do not allow for that chance to even be presented to him.

I’ve declined them all, but here’s why. I do not want to be indebted to anyone well other than my dad, but that’s because I’m a daddy’s girl.

Other than that I do not want 1. The sentimental value of an item and 2. People, not just men, hold things like gifts over you especially when things go south.

I never want someone to say oh you have this because of me or you owe me this because I got you that. Bottom line is if I want something, especially something nice, I will buy it myself or if I really needed it hit up the man who made me.

Other than that I don’t wanna owe anyone any favors. I’m a self sufficient independent woman who don’t need no man.

Especially for a pair of Louboutins or a Louis bag thank you very much. Maybe one day I’ll accept a ring that I have to wear forever. Until then I’m getting my accessories on my dime.

Plus gifts like that just give off sugar baby vibes, and if you didn’t know Atlanta is apparently the Sugar Baby Capital. The article may be a bit old, but it’s still true and relevant.

Speaking of rings. Read how my ex gave his current girl my ring, obviously one I did not accept.