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Dear Caleb: The Bar

Back Story

It was a Friday night and some of my friends and their significant others invited me to a local bar near my house. I opted to go because I rarely go out. At the time, I was considering working things out with someone I previously dated. 

Ironically, this was the weekend for his last chance. My friends and I grab dinner as I am tenth wheeling and we head to this local dive bar. All of us walk in, and immediately I notice this striking man. He was tall and handsome in a military uniform. 

We made eye contact, but I kept walking and he continued his conversation. A few minutes pass, who knows because alcohol makes time an illusion, and one of my girlfriends encourages me to just go say hello. 

Me approaching guys was typical of my outgoing personality, but this guy made me feel timid. At the time I didn’t know what it was, but I was so drawn to him, and it didn’t stop there.

So I go up to the guy and girl I saw him speaking to when I first walked in. I wanted to make sure he was not with that girl. So I asked her if that was her boyfriend. She responds, “No, but you should go talk to him he’s cute” after signifying the guy next to her was her boyfriend instead.

I look around and he’s outside smoking a stoge. When I originally walked in I noticed his last name on his uniform, and thank goodness I still remembered it.


I bust out of the bar and yell down the street, “Mr. Henry* are you leaving me at the bar already?”

Caleb turns around with a WTF look and goes, “How did you know my name?”

I respond, “It’s on your uniform silly. So are you leaving?”

Caleb laughs and says, “Do you want me to?”

So back inside we went together. This story does not continue on as roses and lilies. I grab us some shots not knowing this kid is hammered from celebrating his brother’s 30th birthday.

Next thing I know he’s blabbering on about marriage, while in his uniform truly adhering to the military stereotype. He kept his composure not even hinting to me that he was hammered. 

He was in town for a wedding and invites me as his date the next day. In the back of my mind I’m still drawn to him despite the unique conversation while thinking about my situation with this other guy. 

I must have had a bitch face because he dipped real quick, and I walked him outside. Surprisingly he still asked for my number, and surprisigly I gave it.

Caleb’s Side

I had been up since 5 a.m. training for deployment. I’m shipping out soon and decided I am not interested in having anything with anyone to make this deployment easier. 

It was my brother’s dirty 30 so we went out with his wife friends and family to have some fun and celebrate. We went to a local bar near where my brother and sister lived. I was excited to let loose after some intense training. 

I was standing at the bar trying to close one of the two tabs I had opened. In walks this petite brunette girl looking at me. I turned to my sister, and she said, “There’s no way a girl like that doesn’t have a boyfriend.” So I forget about it and continue on with my night. 

Next thing I know I’m outside smoking with my brother about to go crash at his place, and that same girl comes running outside yelling my last name.

How in the world does she know my last name? I wear my uniform so often I forget my name is on it. We continue on with our night and conversation, and the liquor is hitting me so I don’t know what I’m saying but she makes me feel really awkward and not wanted there with her friends. 

I decide to leave and I ask for her number despite her being rude. 

Little did we both know that despite our “plans” God had other ones.