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Bachelorette to Real Life

Every time you watch The Bachelorette or listen to Thomas Rhett you crave that passionate world win romance. So what do you do? Text your ex or certain guys who are super sexy, but never gave you the time of day or enough to prove they are worthy of your interest.

Why do you do this?

Every. Single. Time.

Do not settle. Like Hannah, B. said you are worth being loved fearlessly. So don’t settle for that old washed up football player who gave you 2% off their time or that guy on Bumble who never texted you.

Enjoy the drama of this show, but don’t bring it into your real life.

Now onto the contestants that I want to point out from this episode.

Luke P. The Douche

Reminds me of every guy I have ever dated. At first he was my favorite because he was so confident and sexy with those muscles.
Totally in love with himself.
No real talent.
Big fish small pond.
Plays the good guy by preaching to Jesus and God.
Panics when he isn’t the center of attention.
Says I love you too soon.

Peter The Nice Guy

Peter is super cute and a low key frat boy, but without the ego. He reminds me of every single guy in Buckhead who’s a nice guy and thats why he’s single. He won’t make it far because of how naive and sweet he is.

Mike The Man

Mike is a gentleman. Now he did not have a Kleenex as he offered in the last episode, but he gives off genuine vibes.
Has depth and intelligence
Is a strong man both physically and emotionally

Kevin The Keeper

Kevin. One of my favorites. He has a Channing Tatum thing about him where he’s got swag and is a man. Kevin has no problem fighting for what he wants and that’s why he confronts Cam. He’s definitely not Hannah’s type, but he’s mine. HAI Kevin!

Is it me or do each of these guys remind you of men you’ve gone on dates with? More to come on this.