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I Almost Went on a Date with a Murder Stripper.. YIKES


It’s stories like this where women are sketched out to meet men. Women ALWAYS Google the men you meet, and this is the prime reason why.

So as I always say dating is so lovely, especially online. Encountering a hot Channing Tatum look alike is always a plus… until you find out they’re a Murder Stripper. Yes you read that right.


So I’ll start from the beginning which usually involves Tinder because meeting people in real life is like a unicorn these days.

I match with this guy who was gorgeous, muscles, funny bio, big smile. He invites me to a club in Atlanta and I decline.

We then follow each other on the usual social media. We then go on to texting, talking on the phone, and facetiming daily for the next few weeks.

He tells me he does construction. I’m like ok cool. Then he casually slips in there that he strips twice a year and apparently makes a good penny during those two weeks.

So I didn’t want to knock his hustle so I slip it under the rug and attempt to be open-minded.

Trying to be Open-minded

He tells me he lives with 3 straight women. I’m like ok. So I got curious and asked if he dated or slept with any of them. For fifteen minutes this man dances around the question. Finally, I get him to answer.

He tells me he sleeps with them… on camera. His house is a “cam house.” Again, not knocking anyone’s hustle, but that’s not my thing.

He senses my hesitation and tells me to “go with my gut.”‘

So now I Google him. Surprisingly he gave me his real name.

The Dirty

Welp, what I found was not all that lovely, but quite entertaining. There’s an old site called The Dirty, which has sinse rebranded, where people just basically bash others and gossip. I remembered this site because some of the older girls in Greek Life at Penn State were bashed on it.

He’s on there from a few years ago. A girl just claiming he’s a fuckboy yatta yatta, but then I read information about him being arrested.


I go back to Google and find a newspaper article from the City he told me he was from. The article goes into detail about some boys, including the man I researched, beating another teenager to death.

It goes on to explain they received lengthy sentences in PRISON. I do the math based on the age he told me and there’s a 98% chance this all lines up.

Praise Jesus

So I get to thinking with my detective hat on. There’s no way a man this handsome is single, and it makes sense that he lives this alternative lifestyle because it’s probably hard to get a job with any murder related charge.

I immediately hit the Block button on everything, and Praise Jesus I never was foolish enough to go meet up with this Murder Stripper. In the future, always go with your gut AND Google.