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Hitting On Someone Apparently Gets You Trolled

So apparently in 2018 there is no right way to hit on someone.

I recently saw a newly married Facebook friend post a note that was left on her car. The note was a compliment, asking if she was single, if she can be taken out followed by a phone number. The couple then posted to their Facebook this guy’s phone number telling all of their friends to troll him. This lead to people posting where he worked, his photos,  and his name.

I understand that being newly married can be totally exciting! I do not understand what could warrant humiliating a guy who simply just left his number. You know before social media, back in the WW2 days, men would give a card asking a woman out where they would literally reply yes or no.

Photo by Laula The Toller on Unsplash

In college I left my phone number on a bartender’s receipt, ironically this woman’s now husband.

I also gave a napkin with a pickup line and phone number to my ex-boyfriend at a bar. He also texted me, and we dated.

Perception is a funny thing. When we’re on our high horses we think it’s funny. Now I wouldn’t be so against this Facebook status bash if they blurted out his phone number, but to proceed by posting their name, Facebook, and encourage trolling is just not right.

Does it come down to attractiveness? If the girl found this guy to be Channing Tatum or Shemar Moore would people find it as funny or encourage trolling?

Now if it was some creep who had been stalking or done this repeatedly then yeah it would be creepy.

Writing a note saying you’re cute and here’s my number is no different than sliding into the DM’s.

It was the way BEFORE technology. People get over yourselves. At least they had the courage to hit on you, and let’s be real. People like attention, even if it’s from people you are not attracted to.

This is also things that turn into bullying and can lead to suicide, depression, etc.