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Should You Get Back With an Ex?

I used to say hanging out or getting back with an ex-significant other was like re-microwaving McDonald’s Fries- you just don’t do it. Why? Because it’s not as good the second time around.

There are some things to consider before you make a decision about getting back with your ex-significant other.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Why did you break up?
  • Are those issues resolved now?
  • Has enough time gone by?
  • Are you only attracted because of nostalgia or because you feel comfortable?
  • Are both parties interested?


Why did you break up? Was it due to immaturity or because life was different when the two of you were together then? If you were to move forward now would those issues still be a problem? If yes, then it is not a good idea to work on things, date, or get back together. If no, let’s consider a few things.

Is it Mutual?

The MOST important question of all is are both parties interested? It takes two to tango, and the one person who is working enough for two people is going to wind up hurt. If this is the case ABORT MISSION. If it’s meant to be it will be.

Is it Nostalgia?

Sometimes we find comfort in the pasts arms like 90s trends for example. Today it’s much easier going back to a douchebag ex than starting over with someone new. Starting over may mean hopping on Bumble or Hinge and introducing yourself not knowing if you will hear something back.

Missed Opportunities

If you do get back with an ex and your answers to the above questions lead you to believe you shouldn’t you may be missing out. You may be missing out on being with someone better. Your next someone may not be your final someone, but it’s that next someone that will lead you to your final someone.

You never know who you could meet if you get back with an ex you’re not supposed to be with. In my case, I met Caleb.

I’ll tell you what. If I got back with any of my exes I would have never met and gotten to experience life with Caleb.