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Clean Dating: It goes back to your place!

Have you ever gone to hang out with your date and you get to their place to notice everything is dirty? There are crumbs on the floor, clothes everywhere, piss on the toilet, red-mold in the sink, and I’m going to stop there, but you get the picture.

You notice that the frat house living has followed him a bit, but the maid has not. Let’s just say this does not help your dating game with most people. Now if you found your slobby better half who’s ok with growing mold good for you! So, people, I give you your Cheat Guide to cleaning not only to help not turn off your date but also live a better life in your bubble.

The Bathroom

So you shave. We know we can see every hair all over your sink and counter. Be sure to wipe this up so it doesn’t clog your sink as well. You can use Windex, Clorox wipes, or any other disinfectant and towel to also get up those chunks or remanence of toothpaste. That red ring around your toilet and shower is red mold. Make sure you put bleach tablets in the back of your toilet and rinse with Clorox bleach and a scrub brush. For the shower use borax and a scrub brush to prevent the sitting water tracking mold. Take your shower curtain and put it in the washer to get off all of the dirt, debris, and mold then hang dry. DO NOT PUT IN DRYER! Read more about red mold here.

The Bedroom

When was the last time you washed your sheets? Have a dog that sheds- we love the pups! Use a lint roller and wash often to get rid of the shedding hair to prevent it from getting everywhere. ClosetThat’s where your shoes, clothes, and gym stuff belong. Not the floor.

The Floor

Sweeping, vacuuming and moping are essential to not only keeping crumbs, dirt, dog hair, human hair off the floor, but also from sliding bacteria all over your house. Invest in a robot vacuum. There are some non-expensive ones and mopping is important. Use a mop bucket, Fabuloso or Pine-Sol, and a good heavy duty mop. Swiffers don’t always cut it.



Washing clothes can be difficult. Separate them by light colors, dark colors, and whites. Colors are always washed on cold. If there are stains they need to be soaked or used a stain remover otherwise they will be there FOREVER. Whites use detergent and bleach. There is bleach that is good for whites with colors like stripes.

The Kitchen

  • Dishes need to be washed the same day or the next day. They cannot sit there for a whole week because it smells and you don’t want mold. If you don’t hand wash dishes run them in the dishwasher. Instructions here.
  • Counters need to be wiped down because of things spill, crumbs fall, and dust accumulates. Depending on the types of counters you can use Clorox Wipes, Mrs. Meyers, or Baking Soda with a rag or paper towels. Refer to the floor instructions after cleaning off the counters.

What is the grossest thing you’ve experienced at your date or significant other’s apartment?

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