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Oh the dating game is just SO much fun- NOT.

The good news is the dating experiences are entertaining for all of you and also help me evolve in what I am and am not looking for.

So this story started at a pregame. I walk in and these two very flamboyant, skinny, stylish boys approach me  and my girlfriend. They are obviously intoxicated, but are just spilling compliments with some comical charm.

They were a little annoying so I gave them a pass because they were friends of friends.

Fast forward a few weeks later. I’m on Tinder just swiping away, and I come across one of the guys. Usually, I always will swipe right on people I know, so I swiped right on him despite him not being my type.

I was also surprised to see him on there because he didn’t give off the vibes that he was interested in women.

He tells me we’re gonna go to this awesome restaurant so I accept the invitation because I’m trying to be more open and go outside of my comfort zone.

We go to this restaurant called Himitsu which is a private lounge that uses the famous Umi restaurant kitchen. It gives off exclusive speakeasy vibes.

We go and order a drink and dinner. He was very full of himself, and did not give off gentleman vibes. His dinner came before me and he ate his whole damn plate before mine arrived.

Now I am not one of those girls who does not eat on dates, but it is pretty damn awkward watching someone eat and eating by yourself.

He then proceeds to get a bit handsy- which I am not about. I remember him telling me that girls would sleep with him just go go to this restaurant.

How OFFENSIVE! My response was maybe you should take one of them next time- check please.

Now this was a nice restaurant, but it wasn’t Peter Lugers in New York City. I am the type of girl that can have just as much fun on a pizza and ice cream date. It’s all about the company. Despite, the restaurant being cool with an exclusive feel the company sucked.

No matter the type of dinner, whether it’s ten dollars or a thousand dollars you do not own the person you are taking out. REMEMBER THAT!

How would you have reacted in this situation? Let me know in the comments on on Instagram!

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