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Kate Spade has died. Anxiety & Depression

Depression & Anxiety

Now, we, collectively, need to talk about it.¬† I’m talking about sadness, depression, anxiety, mental illness, the feeling of helplessness, however you want to categorize it.

Photo by Sydney Sims on Unsplash

Kate Spade

Kate Spade has committed suicide, and the world is shocked.

We shouldn’t be shocked, that is the point. People are resulting to suicide because they feel so alone, so helpless, they feel this is their only solution.

Don’t be angry that she killed herself. Be angry that she, along with so many others close to us, feel or felt so alone this is an option. For Kate, Robin Williams, so many of my high school classmates, they felt this was their only option.

It’s Not Always What it Seems

I too have been in this deep dark place where you feel the walls are caving in on you. You can’t talk to anyone because no one likes a negative person. I believe this is why Robin Williams was known for being so outgoing and entertaining. You’re truly alone if you are hurting because people want to be surrounded by happy people.

Social media distorts people’s perceptions. It shows the piece of our life we want to display. Some people may look the happiest they are in their lives, but it’s a deception.

Here’s an example that started even in 2015.

Some people become professionals at pretending. Pretending everything is ok, living life as if they are robotic going through the motions. On the inside they are hurting, and broken.

All of us at some point can sympathize with others. Empathy is something different. We are human, and we hurt. We feel things, some more deeply than others.


I cannot express to you the different a smile, hug, nice conversation, or act of kindness can be to someone in this dark place.

If you are feeling this way, you are not alone. People love you. Even if no one comes to mind right now, you have no idea the other people who’s lives you have impacted.

Even out there to some stranger, you are that random person who made a life impacting change.

Kate Spade proves anxiety and depression don’t discriminate against any race, income, religion, or age.

For me divorce, toxic relationships & friendships, and being hard on myself has put me in this place. In primary school and high school bullying was a major part of it. Young children and adults are even more vulnerable as they are finding themselves.


Some things I do to help with feeling anxious or sad:

  • Write 3-7 things you are grateful for every day. They can be simple things too, like clean water, walking, air.
  • Think of a few things that make me unique.
  • I do things that I enjoy doing. A hobby can help occupy time and provide self confidence.
  • Perspective, perspective, perspective. Changing my perspective and perception about things has truly helped.

You don’t have to do it alone either. You can build a support system, which can include seeing a therapist. Now there is a stigma with seeing a therapist, but at some point you need to say screw these people’s opinions. It is an option that can only help you grow.

You are loved. Things can change. If you need another resource call 1-800-273-8255 The Suicide Prevention Hotline.

You are not alone. You are perfect in your own way.